‘Good work, campaign led to rise in vote share’: Gopal Shetty

You have won with a bigger margin than 2014. Was this expected?

Yes, it was. Apart from knowing that I would win from the constituency, I also knew that my vote share and winning margin would improve. We’re happy that with good work and a vibrant campaign, we have been able to achieve this.

If we look at the Assembly-wise votes, constituencies such as Malad and Magathane, which have a fair share of minority and Marathi population, also voted for you in big numbers. Did you put in special efforts?

These constituencies had given a fair share of votes for me even in 2014. But, yes, there is more support this time I think owing to the work I have done over the past five years as an MP.

What are some urgent issues in the constituency that you would take up on a priority basis as an MP?

Speeding up of the slum rehabilitation work is a major priority. Currently, it takes too long to get clearances. I will work to fast-track the process. Also, we need to address the problem of hawkers taking up public spaces. While opening up dedicated markets would take some time, currently, I would work to organise them in such a way that the streets are free for movement of vehicles and people. I also want to resolve parking issues in the city.

Your winning margin is the highest in the state. What next?

The party has already given me a lot by allowing me to contest the elections seven times. I could not have asked for more. Besides, I am a grassroots-level leader and I like working on the ground rather than getting any important post.

First Published:
May 25, 2019 04:20 IST

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