GMADA shells out ₹85 lakh a year, but 60 Mohali parks turn grazing grounds

Parks are supposed to be the green lungs of a city and recreational spots for children and the elderly, but 60 parks in the city are neglected, with buffaloes and cattle grazing freely, rainwater stagnating, and overgrowth everywhere, virtually rendering useless the outdoor gym equipment installed at some spots.

There are around 30 under developed parks in the new sectors, where the engineering wing is yet to start development work.

The residents of five sectors, from 76 to 80, have come out strongly against the poor maintenance of their parks.

“For the past six months, children have not been able to play and the elderly have not been able to go for walks due to wild growth and water accumulation,” says Sucha Singh Kalaur, president of the Sector 76 to 80 Plot Allotment and Development Welfare Committee. “Authorities claim that work has been allotted in three sectors, but it has not started yet,” he complains.


The contract of the agency maintaining the parks, which expired on March 31, was extended for two months, but no maintenance work was carried out then.

The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) shells out more than ₹85 lakh annually on the upkeep of the green areas.

A funds crunch this year has also prevented the Authority from floating tenders on time.

Mandeep Singh, executive engineer, horticulture, GMADA says, work on parks in sectors 76,77 and 78 has been allocated, and it will take a week’s time to allocate work in sectors 79 and 80.

Surinder Singh, area councillor, too says, maintenance work will begin soon. There were some issues related to funds in GMADA but now it has been sorted out, he said.


Even after 19 years, around 50,000 residents are still complaining about lack of basic amenities in  sectors 76 to 80. The roads are crumbling, streetlights not working, parks poorly maintained with stray animals wandering around freely in these GMADA-maintained sectors. Such is the state of neglect that residents say they feel they are living in a remote area and not in a modern city like Mohali.

GMADA has earmarked spaces for schools, markets and community centres, but nothing has come up yet.  

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