Delhi govt launches app to push for Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, under the Seed Money project of EMC, students with “entrepreneurial acumen” will be granted an amount of Rs 2000 to build enterprises.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Tuesday launched a web application for Heads of Schools, teachers, and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) coordinators to access EMC related teaching-learning material.

Sisodia said, under the Seed Money project of EMC, students with “entrepreneurial acumen” will be granted an amount of Rs 2000 to build enterprises.

The app would allow teachers and HOS to “share resources and teaching material pertaining to EMC, collect real-time data of EMC classes, and most importantly, gather feedback from every EMC teacher”, the Delhi government said in a statement.

“This platform will use a decentralised approach, where teachers will be able to access all EMC resources. Success stories from students will also be gathered through the platform,” it said.

The app was launched following a review meeting attended by SCERT Director Rajanish Singh, Additional Director (Education) Rita Sharma, senior officers, Heads of Schools, mentor teachers and EMC coordinators.

“The purpose of EMC is to work and build on the entrepreneurial mindset of our students. Our school community, especially our Teachers and Heads of Schools, need to accept EMC as a subject in their daily teaching and learning. It is not just an initiative or a scheme but an indispensable subject that will equip our students with the mindset and skills needed to triumph in any challenge,” Sisodia said at the occasion.

“If our children receive 100/100 in Business Studies or if they get a 100/100 in Science, but if they are not able to apply their knowledge and skills, then our education and teaching is redundant. Now, when employers hire individuals, they not just look for individuals who have knowledge but also want someone who can apply their knowledge in a creative way… Keeping this in mind, we have to take EMC forward on a large scale and believe that it has the power to create a cohort of successful and brilliant students who will become job providers,” he added.

The thematic units of EMC include “sharing success stories of students and activities”, a “micro-research project where students understand the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur”, and a “live interaction with entrepreneurs wherein, local and renowned entrepreneurs interact with students”.

“One of the most important project under EMC, that is in its pilot phase, is the Seed Money project. Our initial plan was to disburse Rs 1000 to children for them to start their own enterprises. Our students outdid themselves and came up with ingenious ideas. We have revisited this project now and plan to give Rs 2000 to children, after reviewing the prototype they create based on their ideas,” said Sisodia.

Sisodia further said that the government was ready to provide an amount of Rs 50,000 if children are keen to form a group of 25 students and create an enterprise. “We will use the approach used in Shark Tank to give seed money. Every HOS and teacher should watch that show and implement a similar approach in their schools,” he said.

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