Ahmedabad: 86 of 461 staff at Nadiad hospital got Covid more than a month after vaccination, shows study

Even among those infected, 69 were mild cases and only one turned critical, while six others were severe.

A study on breakthrough infections by a Nadiad hospital in Ahmedabad has revealed that as many as 86 of the 461 employees who got both doses of Covishield vaccine at a Nadiad hospital got coronavirus infection on an average of 38 days after the vaccination, of which one died.

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital in Nadiad town in Kheda district tracked 461 of its hospital employees following both the doses of the Covishield vaccine. Of the 86 employees who tested positive for Covid, 40 were paramedical staff, 27 were nurses and technicians and 19 were doctors. Only nine of the 86 had comorbidities.

Even among those infected, 69 were mild cases and only one turned critical, while six others were severe. A total of 10 of the infected healthcare workers required hospital admission, of which two had to be transferred to an ICU for high flow oxygen. While one recovered, another died. The hospital was not a dedicated Covid hospital but offered Covid-19 treatment.

The deceased healthcare worker had hypertension as comorbidity and had cough, body ache and malaise after 31 days of the second dose of vaccination. The patient was initially managed with oral medications but later required hospitalisation for IV steroids and oxygen supplementation for dyspnoea. Following ventilatory support, the patient died on the seventh day of infection.

All the family members of the two healthcare workers who were transferred to ICU were infected with Covid-19, notes the study published as pre-print on July 7 and remains to be peer-reviewed.

“None of these family members were vaccinated. Both the healthcare workers being fully vaccinated had mild disease courses. On the contrary, all the affected family members had severe disease with one death in each family,” the study notes.

Dr Ravindra Sabnis, the lead author of the pre-print study, which has been now submitted to the Indian Journal of Medical Sciences for publication, said that Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital had taken permission from the local authorities for Covid-19 treatment of its in-house patients, who were already undergoing dialysis or other treatments.

At least two months prior to the first dose of vaccination, 40 of the participants had Covid-19 infection and 10 of them had a breakthrough infection. No mortality was reported in the pre-vaccination group.

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