Why Tom Holland and Zendaya Don't Want 'Spider-Man' Sex Scenes in the MCU

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been speaking out in recent weeks to promote their latest project, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, is receiving acclaim for his work in the blockbuster Marvel film, and Zendaya has also been praised for her acting as MJ, Peter’s smart, outspoken girlfriend. The two aren’t just playing young lovers onscreen. In real life, Holland and Zendaya are dating, and have been involved in a relationship for some time. Still, any fans who are hoping to see the two get intimate onscreen in future Spider-Man projects might be disappointed, as Holland recently slammed the idea of a “Spider-Man sex scene.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya are co-stars in the ‘Spider-Man’ movies

Holland and Zendaya have been co-workers for years, ever since the two were cast in the 2016 film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film became a hit, and both Holland and Zendaya were praised for their ability to effortlessly portray two charming teenagers. In the months and years that followed, Holland and Zendaya attended many industry events at each other’s side and made multiple appearances on each other’s social media accounts.

The two have since starred in two more Spider-Man movies, all while pursuing their own individual projects. While it is obvious that the two grew very close over the years working together, many fans have long speculated that Holland and Zendaya have actually been dating for quite some time. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya recently confirmed their relationship after years of speculation

In 2017, sources started reporting that Holland and Zendaya were a couple behind the scenes. According to Celeb Magazine, one of these sources claimed that “They started seeing each other while they were filming Spider-Man. They’ve been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye but they’ve gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another.”

Zendaya and Holland were quick to refute these reports, with Zendaya joking about the rumors on social media. In spite of their denials, fans weren’t convinced that there was no love affair between them – especially based on the clear displays of affection that are on Holland and Zendaya’s social media accounts. In the summer of 2021, after years of speculation, fans were validated when Holland and Zendaya were spotted kissing. According to ScreenRant, they stepped out as a couple not long after, attending the 2021 Ballon D’Or awards ceremony together.

What did Zendaya and Tom Holland say about sex scenes in ‘Spider-Man’?

Holland and Zendaya might have taken their relationship to the next level in real life—but fans shouldn’t look for that to happen in the Spider-Man film universe anytime soon. In a recent interview, Holland and Zendaya both admitted that they don’t like the idea of sex scenes in Spider-Man films. According to Insider, Holland said “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Spider-Man franchise. We are still very much young kids. Should there be a future for this character maybe one day we will explore that. But at the moment, this is a film about celebrating friendships and young love.”

Zendaya agreed, noting that “Peter Parker is like a little brother.” In response to Zendaya, Holland joked “No one wants to see Peter Parker having sex! That would be horrible.” Still, fans can catch Holland and Zendaya locking lips in a relatively subdued love scene in the all-new film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is in theaters now.

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