Tyson Fury Laughs At Deontay Wilder's KO Prediction, Calls Him A 'P***y'

Deontay Wilder tells TMZ Sports he’s gonna knock Tyson Fury‘s ass out in 3 rounds or less when the 2 gigantic heavyweights square off Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Fury’s response??

“Ya little b***h. Turn up and fight. Get me knocked out in 3 rounds ya little p***y. How about that for a message?”


Yeaaaa, if you needed another reason to watch the 2 best heavyweights in the world beat the hell out of each other … ya got one, because the Wilder and Fury trash talk has turned personal.

We asked Wilder for a prediction … and if the 35-year former heavyweight champ is right, Saturday looks like it’ll be a short workday for the Bronzer Bomber.

“Leave it up to my trainers, they believe 5 and under,” Wilder said, “I’m gonna go with 3, lesser than 3.”

“Ya know when people come to see heavyweights, that’s what they wanna see. They don’t wanna see no 12-round fight.”

33-year-old Fury, as you might expect, disagrees with Deontay’s prediction … and did a little prognostication of his own.

“Prediction? yeah, pain! Pain! A lot of pain!”

Of course, this’ll be the third time DW and TF have scrapped. The first fight in 2018 was ruled a draw. Fury won the second fight in 2020 by TKO in the 7th round.

Who wins the trilogy fight? Stay tuned.

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