Travis Barker Reacts To Kourtney Kardashian's Gross But Flirty 'Blood' Comment

We knew Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were lusting after one another, but we didn’t realize it was bloodlust!

Travis posted a carousel of photos of the couple from their trip to Las Vegas to see the fight over the weekend — captioning only with a pair of vampire emojis. And in case you were assuming that was about them staying up late, nope!

It was likely a reference to Kourt’s temporary grill, complete with little fangs.

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And you better believe she’s ready to use them! She commented on the post:

“I want to suck your blood”

Whoa! These two have gone from PDA to PDV: public displays of vampirism! He replied:

“My favorite”

Wow. Are they just getting all Armie Hammer for flirting purposes? Or are they legit into blood stuff??

Because this isn’t the first social media post the couple shared in this vein, so to speak. Remember when Kourt posted that pic of Travis’ blood in a vial??

Yeah, even Kris Jenner was confused by the gesture!

So far Kravis haven’t started wearing each other’s blood like their pals Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly — but that may be because they wouldn’t be able to resist snacking on it! LOLz!

Seriously, do YOU think they are really into drinking blood? Or just being hyperbolic about their attraction??

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