These Tweets About ‘Deadly Illusions’ On Netflix Are All Over The Place

If there’s one thing Netflix does right, it’s showcasing movies so bad, viewers can’t help but watch (looking at you, A Christmas Prince). The newest of which, Deadly Illusions, takes cheesy to a whole other level. While the premise is full of promising promiscuity, these tweets about Deadly Illusions on Netflix make it clear fans have very mixed feelings about the erotic thriller.

The film, which bewitched viewers since its Netflix release on March 18, is one sexy twist after another. Kristin Davis, who is iconically known as Charlotte York-Goldenblatt on Sex and the City, stars as Mary, a best selling author of — ahem — scandalous novels. After taking a few years off to raise her family, Mary’s convinced to write another book in her series and hires a nanny, Grace (Greer Grammer), to help care for her children while she’s working.

Warning: This post contains light spoilers for Deadly Illusions. While working on the newest installment in her series, Mary begins to fantasize about having an affair Grace. The lines between fact and fiction start to blur as Mary gets deeper into her story. As the plot progresses, Mary can’t figure out what’s actually happening and what’s purely in her imagination — something viewers clearly had a hard time deciphering as well.

While there was a lot to unpack in the movie — like who killed Elaine and whether Grace actually existed IRL — viewers were clearly divided on whether or not the film was even worth the watch. Between the confusing fiction vs. reality plot and an ending that resulted in more questions than answers, some people felt the movie wasn’t all they had hoped…

Other viewers, however, loved the twisted plot, the scorning scenes, and of course, seeing Davis onscreen.

As of March 22 there’s no news if the film will get a sequel, but the writers seem to have intentionally left a lot of questions unanswered. Whether that means a second installment will be in the works or viewers have to fill in the blanks themselves, only time will tell. In the meantime, you can always rewatch it since there’s bound to be a clue or two you missed the first time… if you made it to the end, that is.

Deadly Illusions is streaming now on Netflix.

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