STUNNING! 55-yr-old Supermodel ABS!

The supermodel and her 74-year-old mother prove that age is just a number.

Paulina Porizkova, who turns 56 on April 9, can give any of the younger models a run for their money with her self-confidence.

The supermodel took to Instagram to flaunt her washboard abs along with her 74-year-old mother.

Sharing an unfiltered selfie of herself posing with her equally fit mom, Paulina proved that body positivity is ageless.

‘Mom and I checking out our abs in the mirror after a zoom class,’ she captioned the pic.

‘She (her mom) is about to turn 75, folks,’ she added. ‘Since she turned 70, she found the man of her life, spent two years in the Peace Corps in Uganda with him, and got married in a glorious wedding in Italy.

‘She is also one of the first volunteers for the Pfizer vaccine.

‘She is undoubtedly an inspiration — even though we have had a very complicated relationship.

‘What inspires me most about her was her bravery in saying “I’m sorry”. I need to work on that.’

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