Stacey Solomon left feeling ‘nervous’ about maternity leave ending after family heartbreak

Stacey Solomon shares 'strict' rules she has at Pickle Cottage

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Sort Your Life Out star Stacey Solomon has taken to Instagram to reveal that she’s “nervous” to go back to work following the end of her maternity leave. In a candid set of stories, the Loose Women presenter, 32, explained that she was “sad” that her maternity leave is almost over, as she enjoyed a day of playing with her daughter, Rose. The admission comes just days after the TV personality told of her heartbreak after her family’s 11-year-old Chihuahua, Theo, died on Boxing Day.

I’m getting so nervous to go back

Stacey Solomon

The mother-of-four took to her Instagram to celebrate with her 4.9million followers as her daughter turned three-months-old today.

Posting a sweet video of baby Rose on her tummy, Stacey lamented how quickly time was passing.

She wrote: “Today I am three months old… where did it go?

“Actually so emotional at how quickly Rose is growing,” she added.

In her next story, the flame-haired star revealed that her sons Zachary, 13, Leighton, nine, and Rex, two, had gone back to school today, leaving her to sort out Pickle Cottage.

Stacey explained that she had planned to start reorganising her daughter’s wardrobe in light of her having moved up a clothes size.

The Tap to Tidy star posted a stunning snap of her daughter’s rose-hued bedroom, with the sleepy tot lying in her crib and yawning adorably.

Stacey penned: “Thought while the boys were back at school today I thought I’d sort through Rose’s clothes because she’s gone up to a 3-6 [months],” she told, alongside a crying face emoji.

She told her fans: “Rose is just having a play in her cot, hopefully she’ll fall asleep!”

Panning across to her closet, Stacey explained why she was reorganising.

“I’m sorting out her wardrobe because as much as I want to cry about it, the newborn and nought to one stuff is going out and the three to six months is going in!” she emotionally revealed.

In the next story, a smiling Rose could be seen beaming up at Stacey ahead of falling asleep for her afternoon nap.

Despite her plans to organise her daughter’s wardrobe, the Loose Women star told how she barely got anything done as she opted to play with Rose instead.

Stacey also informed fans she was set to return to work soon following the end of her maternity leave, a thought that made her “sad” and “nervous”.

She wrote: “I hardly got anything done to be honest because I just wanted to play with her.

“I love my job so much but oh my gosh I’m sad that my maternity leave is almost over.

“I’m getting so nervous to go back,” she ended her post.

Stacey’s candid admission comes shortly after she announced that her beloved dog Theo had died after falling ill.

The mother-of-four told how she was feeling in the wake of the Chihuahua’s death.

Days after Theo’s passing, Stacey admitted “struggling to shake the feeling” of grief over the loss.

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