Shirley Ballas urged to ‘take a break’ after intense Strictly backlash

Strictly: Shirley Ballas ‘emotional’ as she discusses trolls’ comments

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Shirley Ballas, 62, has been the centre of criticism during this year’s Strictly Come Dancing as critics slammed the judge for her critque of certain celebrities on the show. The head judge has revealed in a recent interview that she has even been urged by her partner Danny Taylor, 49, to “take a break” from work to prioritise her own mental health.

I’m not always managing and I’m questioning myself.

Shirley Ballas

Shirley has admitted that due to criticism the BBC judge will be taking three weeks off work at Christmas.

Speaking to The Mirror about her struggles, Shirley said: “I’ve been trained from a very young age that you just get on with it, no matter how you’re feeling, but lately I’ve had a few cracks in that smile.

“I’m not always managing and I’m questioning myself.

“My boyfriend Danny even said that he’d noticed a difference in my mental health and emotional state. He said, ‘I think you’re ready for a break.’

“I’m taking three weeks off at Christmas. I need to take care of myself a little bit more.”

Shirley met Danny when they both took part in a pantomime in 2018 in Liverpool and he has been at her side ever since.

Speaking about whether they have any plans to tie the knot, Shirley teased: “I think my life is probably going to change in the next 12 months.

“We had the ring made. I had my idea and he had his idea and it’s been there a long time in the safe.

“Right now we’re in a place where he seems comfortable and I seem comfortable and it isn’t necessary at the moment.”

Dianne Buswell, a professional dancer on Strictly came to Shirley’s defence online after the head judge was trolled for pronouncing her name wrong.

Shirley came under fire on Saturday night’s show after she called Dianne the wrong name – calling her Diana.

Shirley used the wrong moniker while giving her critique of Dianne’s dance with her celebrity partner Tyler West.

Dianne took to Instagram to hit out at those “bullying” her co-star for the common mistake.

She wrote on Instagram: “Firstly thank you guys so much for all the support on our dance last night. It was a tough week but I am forever in awe of the hard work and dedication Tyler [West] brings every single week.

“Another point I want to address is I have seen a lot of hateful comments aimed at Shirley for simply adding an a to the end of my name which doesn’t offend me, but what does make me upset is seeing someone being bullied online.

“‘We are all human and doing the best we can. Let’s all please be kind to one another and not put each other down.

“Once again thank you for all your positive messages. It really does mean a lot to us all.”

Dianne added in her caption: ‘A friendly reminder to Please be kind guys. I don’t think we realise how some comments can affect us no matter how strong we are as people. #bekind.”

Shirley has also been trolled as “sexist” on this year’s show for seemingly showing a preference for male celebrity dancers.

Speaking out after the criticism, Shirley chimed: “It’s a beautiful show, it’s there to entertain, I’m there to do a job, I haven’t got a mean bone in my body.

“You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t have to agree with the panel, they don’t have to agree with me. That’s okay. But we can still talk to each other in a human-like fashion.”

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