Rachel Riley: Countdown star on Sharon Osbourne’s epic Jeremy Corbyn ‘ugly f**k’ rant

Rachel Riley, 33, regularly battles with trolls on Twitter as she criticises the Labour party and its alleged anti-Semitism within the party.

The Countdown star has now sent her support to former X Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne, who lashed out at Jeremy Corbyn in an interview with The Sun.

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne said she “hates” the Labour leader so much, she finds him “revolting” and repulsive”.

She told the publication: “Oh my God, I hate him so much. I want to hurt him. I want to physically hurt this man.

I want to physically hurt this man

Sharon Osbourne

“He is the most arrogant, ugly f**k. I want to hurt him. Oh my God, he is revolting, so ugly, inside and out.”

She added: “This ugliness oozes from him, he’s repulsive.”

Rachel had a sarcastic response to Sharon’s rant, and joked she should “stop sitting on the fence”, along with Noel Gallagher who has also made his feelings clear on Corbyn in the past.

The Countdown favourite tweeted a series of pictures of Sharon and Noel’s outbursts. 

She wrote: “I wish people like Sharon Osbourne and Noel Gallagher would stop sitting on the fence already… #LabourAntisemitism.”

In family tree show, Who Do You Think You Are?, which is set to air tomorrow, Sharon looks into her family’s past, which sees her retell her dad’s experience as a Jewish soldier for the British Army during World War Two.

Elsewhere, Noel had previously called Corbyn a “lunatic” and said he would rather reform Oasis than see him elected.

The star branded him a “f***ing student debater, f***ing captain fishy craggy old f***ing donkey, f*** off”.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “They talk pipe-smoking communist nonsense, do you know what I mean? I think the role of any politician in the world is to be forward thinking, and modern, and contemporary – looking forward.”

Jeremy Corbyn has strongly denied allegations of anti-Semitism during the controversy that has ripped through his party.

Meanwhile, Rachel shared a message about a mixed bag of Walkers crisps on her account.

The picture showed the bag containing French Fries, Doritos, Wotsits and Monster Munch.

Rachel joked: “Diversity gone mad.”

One fan agreed and replied to her: “I had a bag… it’s so confusing to eat I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully recover.”

“These are so good,” another disagreed.

A third wrote: “Don’t knock it. They’re absolutely yum.”

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