Polly Hudson: Will returning to the 90s to Spice up our lives?

Of course what goes around, comes around, but you have to add new things to the mix to keep it interesting, surely?

Well, bad news, then. It appears we’ve reached the moment in history when the human race ran out of ideas.

So now apparently our only option is to keep bringing old stuff back.

There’s the Spice Girls, Gavin & Stacey and now Peep Show… but what’s next?

What other 90s/noughties delights are we probably about to get the chance to enjoy all over again, whether we like(d) it or not?

The Broom Cupboard

In-between all programmes, there will be a man – always a man – who is sitting in a small, cramped space with a puppet. It’s funny how quickly this will become normal.

Best case scenario: the puppet will be Gordon The Gopher. Worst: Ed The Duck.

The man will chat nonsense and then tell you what’s on next, even though you already know, because the information came up automatically when you turned the telly on.

Luckily it doesn’t matter, because you’re fast-forwarding the whole thing anyway.

Global Hypercolour Clothing

Remember the T-shirts and sweatshirts that changed colour as the wearer changed temperature?

So if your top went from block colour to tie-dye effect, the information everyone is always dying to supply about themselves would be broadcast loud and clear: I am really sweaty.



Dial Up Internet

Watching an image slowly taking shape on a screen in the manner of something being weaved on a loom would be an excellent exercise in mindfulness.

And in not smashing computers.

Being scared of the Millennium Bug

Bit tricky to commit to now we know how it turns out, but still, will make a nice change from being scared about Brexit, so let’s go with it.

I’ve heard the planet is definitely going to explode at midnight… you?


Being a friend and rewinding at the end could be the antidote to social media. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Definitely worth setting up a nation-wide company all over again on the off-chance.

Low-slung jeans

With G-strings pulled up above them.

Will doubtless lead to the Tramp Stamp tattoo finding favour again, and that can only be a good thing (for the future of the laser removal industry).

Magic Eye Posters

Not just important works of art, but also a serious alternative to drug-taking.

There is no greater high than the relief you experience when you finally see it, and know that you’re definitely not one of those people who can just never see them. No-one wants to be that guy.


Everyone involved has been asked about a reunion since before the original even ended. They’re bored with having to speak about it. We’re bored with having to hear about it.

The only way to put an end to it once and for all is to just do it.

Then we can all stop talking about when they’re going to do a Friends reunion, and get on with talking about the terrible Friends reunion, and how they never should have done it.

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