Patty Jenkins Opens Up About Almost Walking Away From ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ For This Reason

Patty Jenkins is opening up about how she almost walked away from directing Wonder Woman 1984.

During her appearance on MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, the -year-old director opened up about how she nearly walked off the set over a pay dispute where she wasn’t being paid equal to what her male counterparts were.

“I totally did [come close to walking away],” Patty shared. “I started to walk away. I was going to walk away. I even said, ‘I would be happy to go to another studio and make a quarter as much because it’s not a sequel on principle. No problem.”

She continued, “It’s interesting as someone who never made any profit in my career up until Wonder Woman, that I was always at peace with it. I was like, ‘Hey I get it.’ But now I was like, ‘Listen, I never made any money in my career because you always had the leverage and I didn’t.’ But now the shoe is on the other foot so it’s time to turn the tables.”

Patty added that her male peers “got paid seven times more than me for the first superhero movie. Then on the second one, they got paid more than me still.”

“It was an easy fight to say, ‘This can’t be. It super can’t be. And it really can’t be on ‘Wonder Woman.’ It was an interesting thing to do, but it was an easy thing to do in the fact I was dead serious.”

Patty added, “If I can’t be victorious in this regard, then I’m letting everyone down,” adding, “And if not me, who? So it became something I became very, very, very passionate about.”

The raise that she finally got made Patty the highest paid female director in Hollywood at the time.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on Christmas Day, December 25, and on the same day will be available on HBO Max.

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