NHL Clears Evander Kane After Gambling Probe, 'No Evidence To Support' Claims

Evander Kane did NOT gamble on hockey games … so says the NHL, which announced Wednesday it has cleared the star after a probe into the allegations turned up “no evidence to support” the claims.

The league launched the investigation several weeks ago … after Evander’s estranged wife, Anna Kane, said the 30-year-old San Jose Sharks player had bet on games in his career.

In her claims, she accused Evander of “throwing games” in order to win cash.

The league, though, said it could not prove any of those allegations after a lengthy dive into the claims.

“The investigation uncovered no evidence to corroborate Ms. Kane’s accusations that Mr. Kane bet or otherwise participated in gambling on NHL games, and no evidence to corroborate the allegations that Mr. Kane ‘threw’ games or did not put forward his best effort to help the Sharks win games,” league officials said.

“To the contrary, the evidence raises doubts about the veracity of the allegations.”

They continued, “While Mr. Kane denied the accusations, our findings are not based on these denials but instead on other evidence uncovered during the investigation.”

The NHL said it probed deep into Kane’s public and private history to make sure the hockey player committed no wrongdoing.

It should be noted, though, the league did say Anna “refused to participate in the investigation.”

The NHL did say it will still investigate Wednesday’s claims that Evander both physically and sexually abused Anna during their relationship — allegations Evander has already vehemently denied.

“These allegations are being thoroughly investigated,” the NHL said, “and the National Hockey League will have no further comment regarding their substance pending completion of that process.”

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