Model Rachael Finch hits back after trolls claim kids are ‘underfed’ and ‘underweight’

Rachael Finch has hit back at a troll who expressed concerns about her children’s weight.

The model, 34, shares children Violet, eight, and Dominic, five, with her husband Michael Minziner.

Rachael shared a screenshot of the unkind message she received with her 321,000 Instagram followers as she asked her fans how they’d respond.

The message read: “Hi Rachael, I've been following you for years, have bought most of your kissed earth products, however, I need to say, what your feeding your kids is a form of child abuse.

“They're underfed, and extremely underweight. Please feed them more. You are denying them a childhood."

They cruelly continued: “I have no doubt Violet will grow up some form of eating disorder with what you feed her.

“I will no longer be purchasing your products (as great as they may be).”

Their comments come after health-conscious Rachael said she doesn’t give her kids sugary or processed foods very often.

Next to the screengrab, the 34 year old model wrote: “Child abuse. Eating disorder. Underfed. How would you respond? Would you respond?"

“I feel lucky because I have the emotional support at home to help me deal with these types of comments. But for those who don’t this could be dangerous. Despite the fact that this person has no clue about our child’s well-being besides a few food posts I make from time to time, it plays on your thoughts and feelings.

“This post is purely a reminder to think twice before you speak or type. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you should keep your potentially damaging comments to yourself.”

Rachael concluded the post by urging her followers to “spread kindness instead”.

Dozens of people have since come to Rachael's defence as they assured her that “haters are gonna hate”.

“Abuse feeding them organic, unprocessed , nutrient rich meals? Wow,” began one person. “Your doing amazing and your kids are so healthy!!!”

Another added: “Dear @rachael_finch haters are gonna hate , don’t worry about it don’t give it any of your time. You got the most beautiful family you guys are a such a nice people keep shinning amiga.”

“I’m a nutritionist and I applaud you for what you show us on here that your kids eat,” continued a third.

“Farout you just can’t win on this space. Please don’t let this one comment define your place on here, you are helping so many people feel motivated and inspired to be better versions of themselves. Spread kindness – exactly this. Hurt people hurt people.”


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