Lydia Bright begs fans for help with insomnia struggle: ‘It’s absolute torture’

Lydia Bright has opened up about dealing with sleep problems, telling her fans that she is currently battling with insomnia.

The former Only Way Is Essex star took to her Instagram stories to beg fans for help after saying she's finding it difficult to sleep at the moment.

Speaking to her camera from her car, the star said she had just dropped daughter Loretta off at school and needed some advice as she was struggling.

Lydia explained: "Morning everyone. I have just dropped Loretta back at nursery, her first day back of 2022. She was very excited and I'm not going to lie, so was I.

"Those two days a week at nursery are a god send. My child is feral and she needs them."

Lydia continued: "Anyway, the reason that I am making this story, talking to camera as I don't do these very often, is I need your help.

"I don't know what the matter is with me at the moment guys, but look at my black bags."

The star then leant forward into the camera to show the under of her eyes.

Lydia continued: "Extra strong tea, I've got really bad insomnia. I've always struggled with my sleep a little bit, I find it hard to you know, just fall into a deep sleep.

"But what is happening at the moment is absolute torture. I feel like I'm watching the sun go down and watching it come back up again and I can't think why."

Lydia added: "Normally it's if I've got something on my mind or I'm overwhelmed with work, but I feel very content with life right now and I haven't worked for weeks.

"The only thing that maybe I can put it down to, is New Year's Eve, I went out and obviously I don't go out very often. I got excited and went to bed at like crazy o'clock – I'm not going to tell you the time as maybe there will be some Karen's who are going to judge me."

Lydia then said she thinks here late night "messed up" her body clock.

She asked fans to send tips and recommend on what to do in order to get a restful night's sleep. She ended her video with "please help."

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