Love Island’s Brad McClelland ‘never been on date’ despite relationship with ex

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Amused Love Island fans couldn't resist calling out Brad McClelland after he insisted he had never been on a date before.

The Geordie heartthrob, who previously revealed that he hasn't had sex since 2019, was excited to learn that he would be enjoying some alone time with Lucinda Strafford on Tuesday night's episode.

"My first ever date," the 26 year old said. "This experience is a first time for everything, so I'm looking forward to it."

However, viewers were quick to call out the reality star as a "liar" after pointing out that he had previously claimed to be in a long-term eight-year relationship.

"Brad was in a relationship for 8 years but this is his first ever date??? #LoveIsland," one person tweeted.

Another said: "Wait. How's Brad been in a 8 year relationship and never been on a date? Who is this babe that allowed herself to never be taken out in an 8 year relationship #LoveIsland."

A third added: "How is it brad's first ever date?? He's been in a long term relationship???" #LoveIsland."

A fourth echoed: "Why does Brad lie unprovoked? keeps forcing this "it's my first date" #LoveIsland."

When previously describing his dating history, Brad said: "I'd say I like dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes.

"But then my ex-girlfriend who I was with for over 8 years was fair-skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair."

He also described how he blamed the pandemic for his dry patch after splitting with his ex.

Brad said: "I split up with my girlfriend, had a couple of months of going out and boom, Covid hit."

Following Brad's date with Lucinda, Match's dating and body language expert Hayley Quinn told OK! how the beauty could soon lose interest in him if he keeps laying on his affection so thickly.

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