Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan says she ‘had sex in NEC park before Janet Jackson’

Coleen Nolan left her children 'wanting the earth to swallow them up' after she made a number of sexual confessions at a show they were attending.

The 54-year-old was one of the panelists for Loose Women Late at Birmingham NEC and despite her children Shane and Kiera in the audience, Coleen revealed some very intimate details about her sex life.

Not only did Coleen admit to getting fruity in the car park of the NEC, she also said that she conceived one of her children in the toilet and that she has faked orgasms for 40 years, as she opened up on stage to Nadia Sawalha, Andrea McLean and Saira Kahn.

Speaking candidly at the show, Coleen did give a warning to her sons about what she was going to say, reports The Sun.

She told her offspring in the audience: "Shane and Jake, put your fingers in your ears, I had sex in the NEC car park."

Elaborating in the occasion, Coleen said: "It was years ago, we were going to a concert, it was Janet Jackson.

"We got there really early and the car park was empty. We were really young and we did it, the windows all steamed up like in Titanic."

Coleen wasn't finished there, as she revealed: "At the and the whole car park was full.”

In a more horrifying moment for her son Shane, Coleen then went on to share where he was conceived, during her nine-year marriage to EastEnders star Shane Richie.

There was no romantic dining and four-poster beds as Coleen confessed: "Shane Junior was conceived in my downstairs toilet.

"I only did it three times so I’d have to have a bad memory if I couldn’t remember.

“I think whoever says sex doesn’t get better with age hasn’t slept with the right older woman. And that car park is empty as we speak. Sorry, kids!”

Coleen had one last revelation about her bedroom antics, as she admitted that the needed the lights off nowadays, and there was damning reason why.

She continued: “I don’t like sex with the lights on. I like sex with the lights off.

"And you know why? Because he can’t see that I’m asleep. You can go for hours and think I’m into it… but I’m asleep.”

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