Logan Paul Says His Pig Wasn't 'Irresponsibly Rehomed' Before Gentle Barn Rescue

Logan Paul says he did nothing wrong with his former pet pig, who is now being cared for by an animal sanctuary … Logan says he gave the pig a good home before it was rescued.

The YouTube star joined us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” and talked about his former pet pig, Pearl, who is now being looked after by the Gentle Barn rescue.

Logan Paul Pig

Logan says he owned Pearl for a couple years and gave her a good life at his home in Encino, CA … saying he would even cuddle and sleep with the animal and made sure she had “the best life.”

But, when Logan moved to Puerto Rico during the pandemic, he says he sent Pearl to live at a horse ranch in Santa Clarita, CA because he wasn’t permitted to bring her with him. Logan says Pearl received amazing care at the ranch.

Logan says Pearl lived at the horse ranch for 10 months but had to be rehomed again when the ranch owner moved out of state — he says he was unaware of the rehoming.

Gentle Barn posted a TikTok Monday about Pearl’s rescue, claiming she was “irresponsibly rehomed” and was found alone in a field next to a dead pig.

logan paul pearl pig the gentle barn comments

Logan says he only found out about Pearl’s situation when the video came out, and he says he checked his records and is certain he didn’t rehome the pig irresponsibly.

Logan’s also claiming innocence on the second pig that was allegedly found dead next to Pearl … he says the farmer denies knowing about a second pig and says Pearl was transferred to the farm alone.

TMZ broke the story … Logan reached out to Gentle Barn after the video surfaced, explaining Pearl’s history with him and pledging to help with her care.

Logan says the Pearl saga was unpredictable and unforeseen … and if he could, he would go back in time and tell himself not to buy a baby pig.

While Logan admits the entire situation “sucks” … he tells us why he wants to reunite with Pearl, if possible.

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