Kylie Jenner Was Confronted by Anti-Fur Activists During a Beverly Hills Shopping Trip

Kylie Jenner had a run-in with animal rights activists over the weekend, who confronted the star while she was on a shopping trip to Moncler in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, who published footage of the incident, a small group of activists blocked Kylie’s car and one woman said “Shame on you! You’re a monster! Shame on you for supporting the fur industry!”

TMZ spoke to “sources close to Kylie” after the incident, who say that the group was actually protesting down the street, and they were potentially tipped off by photographers as to Kylie’s whereabouts.

While Kylie wasn’t wearing fur at the time, she has been criticized for wearing it in the past—including in 2019 when she and her best friend Stassie wore what appeared to be matching fox fur coats:

A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner)

The post was flooded with comments from fans asking Kylie to reconsider wearing fur, including “Love you guys but we should not be using animal they had to go through so much fear and pain Thank u next and do better” and “Why did it have to be fox fur? Synthetics look similar and you don’t kill more than 10 foxes for a coat.”

Earlier that same year, Kim Kardashian revealed she’d taken all her furs and made them into fauxs, saying, “Remember when I wore this! [North] picked out the same look lol but fun fact—I took all of my fave furs and remade them in faux fur.”

Thus far, Kylie hasn’t commented on the confrontation.

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