Kodak Black Claims He’s Single Despite Getting Steamy Lap Dance From His Artist During NHL Game

After the ‘No Flockin’ hitmaker shares a video of Essence twerking in front of him during a hockey game, his alleged girlfriend Treonna Brewer calls him out on Instagram Story.

AceShowbizKodak Black has set the record straight on his relationship status with Essence. After posting a video of him enjoying a steamy lap dance from his artist during an NHL game, the “ZEZE” rapper declared that he’s single.

Making use of Instagram on Wednesday, January 12, the 24-year-old emcee shared a photo of him and Essence. Alongside the snap, he wrote, “I’m Single ! @vvsnce My Artist & I Truly Believe In Her !!!”

The clarification came after Kodak shared a video of him and Essence at the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks matchup. Instead of watching the Tuesday game, Kodak was seen grinding on her while she was twerking.

The clip has since got people talking. Some online users thought that the “No Flockin” hitmaker and his companion were having sexual intercourse. However, a Twitter user named @David954FLA shut down the speculations, saying, “I took the original video and I know they weren’t having sex lol.”

Among those reacting to the viral video was a woman named Treonna Brewer. Treonna, who hinted that she was in a romantic relationship with Kodak, called him out on Instagram Story.

Treonna wrote, “I never knew a guy that will do anything for attention until I met you @kodakblack, but you speak on loyalty you have no clue what that is.” She added, “& this why I never post that man he’ll literally f**k anything.”

Sharing a photo of her cozying up with the musician, the woman argued, “I was genuine for the start and when he was locked up he was experiencing so much that I didn’t care to post.” She further fumed, “I never been a clout chasing b***h. I have so many receipts but it’s not for y’all Lil Kodak know. Not mad I make him look good.”

This arrived less than a month after Kodak gave a special gift to Maranda Johnson, who is currently pregnant with their child. Presenting her with a new ring, he told Maranda, “I appreciate you for being a vessel to my legacy… Even when we ain’t together, we together, ya heard me? And we locked in for life. I hope [the ring] fits.”

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