Jodha Akbar 28 May 2019 written update of full episode: Saleem learns Anarkali’s real identity | Bollywood Life

In the last episode we saw that Hyder kills Farhaan which ultimately leads to misunderstandings between Saleem and Jalal as Saleem accuses Jalal for Farhaan’s death. Bela also commits suicide to see Farhan dead. Today’s episode starts with Jalal and Jodha begum discussing about Saleem as he holds Jalal responsible for Farhan’s death. Jalal decides to give some time to Saleem to come over the sorrow so that he can clear misunderstandings with Saleem. Jodha gets tears in eyes as Saleem doesn’t even listen to her. Jalal wonders about the person who killed Farhan which can clear the things to Saleem. Saleem even couldn’t come out of the shock of Farhan’s death even after 2 days. Meanwhile, Maan Bai asks Arang Banu about Saleem. Arang Banu tells them that Saleem is very upset and he can get angry with everyone. Arang Banu also learns that Maan Bai and her friend wants to meet Saleem anyhow. On the other hand, Qutub insists Saleem to come with him for hunting but Saleem denies the same. His cousins want Saleem to come out of the shock. Saleem is very much upset. He notices the earring that Anarkli had worn which was kept in his room by Qutub to divert Saleem.

Saleem decides to meet Anarkali as he had promised her. On the other hand, Anarkali’s mother fixes Anarkali’s marriage. Anarkali gets shocked to know that. She gets upset with her mother. Anarkali decides to choose the person she wants to marry. Her mother makes her understand that she needs to do something for earnings as their financial position is not good. On the other hand, Jodha begum is still worried about Saleem as he is still in shock and not eating anything. By that time Saleem comes out of his room. Qutub enquires about it. Saleem shares that he is going to reveal his real identity to Anarkali and express his feelings. Jodha begum is also happy to see Saleem going out somewhere. On the other hand, Anarkali shares about her expectations of her would be husband which is Saleem. Anarkali’s mother learns that. She asks Anarkali about it and blesses Anarkali for the same. In the meanwhile, Jodha begum goes to pacify Jalal to have food as Saleem is back to normal. Jalal feels relaxed and takes some food. After some time, Rahim, Maan Singh and Hyder come to discuss about Farhan’s death.

Hyder pretends that he knows something about Farhan’s murder. In the mean time, Saleem comes to meet Anarkali. He is happy as he is about to express his feelings to Anarkali. By that time he sees her mother calling her as Nadira. He recollects all the memories with Nadira in the childhood specially the punishment Jalal (Rajat Tokas) had given to him when Qadir was injured. So he misunderstands that Nadira cheated on him by hiding her real identity. So he decides not to see Nadira’s face again. On the other hand, Hyder shares about the hatred he has for Jalal. While going back, Saleem keeps on remembering the moments he spent with Anarkali aka Nadira. In the mean time, Jodha begum asks Jalal to clear misunderstandings between him and Saleem as soon as possible. She believes that Saleem will definitely understand the facts. Jalal agrees for the same. In the evening, Saleem comes back to his room. He just cannot forget that Anarkali is actually Nadira whom he hates a lot. He throws Anarkali’s earrings away in anger. He starts getting uncomfortable because of his addiction for drugs.

He goes restless and starts looking for the drugs. By the time he is about to have drugs, Ruquiya begum comes there. She pretends that she is not happy to see him having drug addiction. He gets angry with Saleem and denies giving the drugs to him. Saleem pleads her a lot. So she allows him to have it. Ruquiya begum also pretends of defending Jalal in front of Saleem. But Saleem gets very angry on the topic which makes Ruquiya begum happy. By that time Jalal and Jodha begum comes to meet Saleem. Jodha begum tries to explain to Saleem that Jalal is innocent. Jalal also tries to tell the fact but Saleem still doesn’t believe them. He behaves very rudely. Jalal gets furious with Saleem as he doesn’t even listen to them. Jodha begum tries to make him calm but Jalal leaves from there. Jodha begum gets upset as she cannot minimise the differences between Saleem and Jalal. Next day morning, Jalal along with his troops and family leaves for Agra. Jodha begum also gives some hint to Maan Bai that she will become her daughter-in-law soon. Maan Bai becomes very happy. Meanwhile, Qutub asks Saleem about Anarkali. But Saleem says nothing. On the other hand, Anarkali is waiting for Saleem.

Her friend informs her that Farhan has been killed and Bela also committed suicide. Anarkali gets shattered to hear that. She also gets tensed for Saleem. On the other hand, Saleem shares that he doesn’t want to fall into love as Anarkali is fake and she hid her identity. But Anarkali accepts that she loves Saleem aka Qutub for her. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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