Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin reveal marriage troubles after she found a woman had sent him a topless photo

Jana Kramer clarifies, apologizes for comments she made about not hiring ‘hot’ nannies

After making some comments about not hiring ‘hot’ nannies due to her husband’s sex addiction, country star Jana Kramer is trying to clarify parts of her remarks that she feels were taken out of context.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin revealed that their marriage is in a tough spot after she discovered an unknown woman sent him a topless photo.

In the latest episode of her podcast, “Whine Down with Jana Kramer,” the couple told the story in detail. Caussin, a recovering sex addict, revealed that he received a topless photo on Oct. 5 from a woman he says he doesn’t know. The former NFL player deleted the text, but Kramer found it on his Apple Watch.

During the podcast episode, Kramer still seems unclear as to whether or not she believes Caussin, given his history of cheating on her.

“I saw it, and … my heart just fell. I was like, it’s here. It’s happened again. I’m such a f—ing idiot … Like, how is this happening again?” she said (via Us Weekly). “I don’t want to live this kind of life. We just moved into this beautiful house, and we had our second kid, and we fought so hard. Why is this happening again?”

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The couple separated in 2016 after she found out about his infidelity, but they renewed their vows in 2017. In March, Kramer revealed that Caussin had a relapse in 2018. Although he said at the time that he never had sex outside the marriage after being caught in 2016, the incident colored her opinion of their current situation.

“Whether he ends up meeting with someone or not … That last relapse, he almost did, and I was going to sign the papers,” she explained. “So it’s like, he gets even close to the fire, and I’m gone. I’m like, does he not know that and realize that and love our family enough?”

In the uncomfortable episode, Kramer explains that she can’t trust her husband because he’s successfully lied to her in the past.

“So I’m kinda caught in this weird, like, what do I believe? Was it just a fluke? I don’t know," she said. "So I’m like, do I keep asking for signs, or are these my signs to f—ing get out of Dodge? Sorry, this is just really fresh.”

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Caussin acknowledged his mistake in deleting the text, noting that Kramer finding something like that can be “extremely triggering” given his past behavior.

“It’s just one of those things that’s just difficult to navigate. It’s beyond hurtful to see Jana hurt and upset and feel things that she feels because of the things I’ve done in the past.”

The podcast ends with Kramer saying she can’t yet look at her husband. However, she took to Instagram on Monday to give a small update on life after the very raw episode aired.

“Today is a tough one. Our podcast episode that aired this morning was one we almost didn’t let air at all,” Kramer wrote over a selfie of herself in bed. “Up until a day ago mike and I wanted to pull the episode completely and just not have an episode for today because it was that heavy for us.”

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She continued: “The thing though is because Mike and I work together the show must go on and I realize we can’t just cancel things because we are in a bad spot. So instead I put my big girl pants on and started to record with mike after a very long and intense 24hours of not talking to each other.”

She explained that they eventually decided to release the episode in the hopes that their communication on the matter would help other couples going through something similar. She concluded her caption with an update on how they’re doing with the photo drama.


“Because the podcast didn’t end great…today we are good, and have grown stronger from it. See that’s the thing, if you’re both willing to fight you can get stronger on the other side,” Kramer wrote.

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