‘It’s a slippery slope’ Ricky Gervais fumes at Queen’s New Year’s Honours list

Ricky Gervais says he 'can't think of a better ending' for After Life

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Ricky Gervais, 60, has denounced the way the Queen’s New Years Honours list is distributed to those who are “doing something they love”. The After Life star argued that the coveted honours should be given to people who have “really sacrificed all their lives”.

Ricky has been the recipient of multiple nominations and awards throughout his career.

Among his many accolades, Ricky boasts two Emmys and three Golden Globes, as well as two British Comedy Awards.

Speaking of his various awards, Ricky said it is “lovely” to receive nominations, but that taking them too seriously can lead to a “slippery slope”.

He told Magic Radio Breakfast: “All awards are nonsense really.

“It is nice to be involved and you know I have been part of them all my life.

“It is always lovely to get nominated and awarded but if you take it too seriously you are on a slippery slope.

“If you really think you are anything special when you win an award, you have just won an award, that’s all, out of a few people and you won the award, so what?”

Addressing the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list, Ricky continued: “Same as these honour lists.

“When I see actors and people getting MBE’s and OBE’s for doing something they love.

“That should go to nurses and soldiers and people who have really sacrificed all their lives.”

Ricky has been outspoken on his views surrounding a range of topics within the entertainment industry.

He sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood after roasting some of the industry’s most famous A-Listers as he presented the Golden Globe Awards in 2020.

However, the controversial stint marked his last presenting gig for the prestigious awards.

That same year Ricky said 2020 would be his last year as the host.

In a recent interview with LADbible Ricky said he told the event organisers never to ask him back.

The quick-witted comic explained that he feared he would cave and say “yes”.

Ricky said: “It could be the Golden Globes could offer me 10 million for 10 minutes work, and I’d be an idiot, I’d be a liar, to say I wouldn’t consider it.

“But at the moment, given I’ve done it five times, it got better and better for me – I enjoyed them all, but it got better – and I’m planning never to do it again.

“I’ve asked them not to ask me because I can be persuaded, that’s true.

“You know, it’s not a principle.”

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