Is Nayanthara’s Mookuthi Amman INSPIRED by Aamir Khan’s PK? Director RJ Balaji clarifies

Nayanthara starrer Mookuthi Amman, which released today on Disney + Hotstar on the occassion of Diwali, is garnering positive response from the fans. While the humoristic value in the film has once again struck the cord with the audience, RJ recently clarified whether his film is inspired by Aamir Khan’s blockbuster PK and told India Today, “I didn’t want Mookuthi Amman to just be a family film. Also, any film needs a good story, which is why we brought in God vs Godmen angle. The second half is how Amman, along with a family, defeats the godmen. The essence of PK is what inspired me. Apart from that, Mookuthi Amman is a simple and neat film that doesn’t have many layers.”

He also heaped praises on his leading lady Nayanthara and added, “Nayanthara has a majestic and divine presence with her look and attitude. The idea is to bring real Nayanthara, who is very sweet, and merge it with her majestic presence. We will witness a relatable and enjoyable Amman. Earlier, when Ramya Krishnan ma’am used to play Amman, she used to look at children with kindness-filled eyes. And when she talks to a villain, she’s angry. We wanted an Amman who is relatable, sweet and menacing and Nayanthara fit the bill perfectly. This generation of kids hasn’t seen Amman films for 20 years. For them, Nayanthara will be the Ramya Krishnan of this generation.”

When asked the director the religious politics angle in the film made him cautious that it might get him in trouble, he replied, “We were very cautious when we were writing. We did not want to say anything that’s untrue and things that could hurt people’s sentiments. Regarding fringe groups, they’re always there. Whatever you do, they’re there. People speak about stuff that doesn’t concern them or affect the common people anyway. The trailer of Mookuthi Amman has garnered over 20 million views and all of them enjoyed the trailer. I feel you need to ignore the fringe groups and move on.”

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