Here's What You Need to Know About Katie Holmes' New Boyfriend, Bobby Wooten III

Love is officially in the air again for Katie Holmes. This week, the actress stepped out with her new guy, musician Bobby Wooten III, for a very adorable, very PDA-filled stroll through New York City. The pair hit up the Guggenheim Museum and Central Park during the outing, which included lots of hand holding, at least one passionate kiss, and even a little time hanging out with Katie’s mom, Kathy (People has all the pics, if you want to ogle them yourself).

“He’s an amazing guy, very kind, super talented and just an all-around cool guy,” a source told People of Bobby. “He’s a highly accomplished bassist and musician, and is as chill and brilliant and funny as they come.”

If you’re thinking, “OMG cute…but who is Bobby Wooten III?” then keep scrolling because we have you covered with everything you need to know about Katie’s new BF, right this way.

He’s a musician.

Bobby Wooten is a very talented person. He’s a Grammy-nominated composer/producer/instrumentalist. He also happens to be largely self-taught when it comes to music.

“On bass I fully taught myself, learning whatever songs I wanted,” he told Bass Magazine in 2021. “Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder and then a lot of Motown. So then I played keys and bass in the church every week. I never took a bass lesson until I got to college, which was more about learning upright bass.”

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Most recently, performed with Carly Rae Jepsen at this year’s Coachella music festival. He has the ‘Grams to prove it, ofc:

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“Coachella Weekend 1 😍😍,” he wrote in a gallery of pics from the festival on Instagram. “Felt incredible to be back. MUCH LOVE [email protected] & ALL OF MY NEW FAM.”

He also shared snaps from his set with Carly during weekend 2:

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And music is in his blood.

Bobby comes from a long line of musicians, including his father and grandfather.

“My grandfather started the Wooten Choral Ensemble in 1949,” he told Bass Magazine. “I was born in New Jersey, and we lived there at a time when my dad was doing pop music and studio work, and playing keyboards in Marcus Miller’s band.”

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He’s even worked with his dad, including on some songs that appeared on Empire.

“Truly a blessing to have this thing called music resonate so deeply as a bond in our lives,” Bobby wrote on Instagram in May 2018. “In no way am I doing what I do every single day without him. LOVE YOU DAD.”

He’s also been on Broadway.

Bobby was in the cast of David Byrne’s American Utopia, which opened in 2019 and ended up taking an 18-month hiatus during the pandemic before closing this month. In the show he played bass guitar, sang and danced and was incredibly proud of his performance.

“It will always feel special to me that I performed in a Broadway show not as a character, but as myself,” he said, according to the caption of an Instagram post he shared from the show.

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He teaches at NYU.

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In addition to performing regularly and making time to woo Katie Holmes, Bobby works as an adjunct instructor NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

He’s no stranger to celebrities.

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Katie Holmes isn’t the first celeb Bobby has been around. According to his NYU bio, “Bobby has performed and/or recorded with David Byrne, Jennifer Lopez, Mac Miller, Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross, among others.”

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He has an internet series inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bobby also has his own web series called America, Learn Your History, in which he reframes commonly misunderstood (or, you know, blatantly lied about) moments in American history through the Black lens. According to his NYU bio, the series, which consists of quick, two-minute episodes, was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

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