Georgia Kousoulou admits she had a breakdown a month ago and mutes pregnant friends on Instagram

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It’s always a pleasure to have a natter with my TOWIE co-star and friend Georgia Kousoulou – and we have a lot to catch up on.

As well as preparing to welcome her first child next month with her boyfriend Tommy Mallet, the 29-year-old has also been busy renovating their new home and filming TOWIE, so I’m glad she found the time to fit in a good old chinwag with me.

“I’m so excited,” she tells me when we chat about her baby boy’s forthcoming arrival. “He’s going to be here so soon.”

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Here, Georgia chats about pregnancy so far, moving into her dream house with Tommy, 28, and how their son will be his mini-me…

Hi hun! How have you found being pregnant in lockdown?

It’s had its pros and cons. It’s not like everyone’s been going out partying and I’ve missed out, but at the same time no one has seen me pregnant, like my family.

You’re proper showing now!

Proper showing. It’s weird because I don’t think some of my friends have seen me pregnant at all, so by the time they see me I’ll have a baby. My parents have seen me a bit, but I would have liked to have gone shopping with my mum and do the baby stuff. I’ve missed out on that, which I’ve been gutted about.

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You announced on Instagram that you’re having a boy. Are you glad to know?

Oh, I have to know. I’m a control freak. Having a boy is exciting. He’s already got five pairs of trainers and I’ve bought babygrows, but I need to get proper stuff. Can you imagine the swag of this child? I can’t cope. It’s going to be the trendiest little kid in the world and going to be matching Tommy. So cute.

Have you chosen the name?

Yeah, we’ve got our name. I hope I don’t go off it though.

How are you feeling about becoming a mum?

It’s the responsibility for another person that I’m scared about. Obviously, I’ve got Monkey [her dog] and that teaches you a little bit. What I keep worrying about is when he’s crying, how do I know what he wants? I’ll just have to learn on the job.

Have you had any strange pregnancy cravings?

Just carbs and sweets. That’s my thing anyway. At one point I was having McDonald’s three times a week and got out of control.

Are you drinking tea again?

I’m reunited with tea again and I’m so happy! The first trimester I went off it. That’s how I knew I was pregnant. I thought, “Something’s wrong,” because I’ve never gone off tea in my life. And also Monkey kept laying on my belly. I got a pregnancy test and it said negative. I told my mate and said, “I really think I’m pregnant, but it says negative.” I did a pregnancy test a week later and it said I was pregnant.

Aww. Did you find it hard keeping the news quiet?

When you first get pregnant, society scares you – you’re not allowed to tell anyone. And I get it, because it’s scary for the first 12 weeks, but at the same time, it’s a proper thing to keep to yourself. It’s quite hard. I didn’t even tell my mum until nine or 10 weeks, until I saw the heartbeat of the baby, when I went for an early scan. It’s personal preference, but everyone makes you really scared. The worst thing about that was, when I was filming and I was on TV, people were tweeting me, “Georgia’s pregnant.” And they were writing “pregnant” all over Instagram, so I had to block the word pregnant.

Why did you decide to make the baby announcement on TOWIE before Christmas?

We decided as a couple that it was the best thing to do. I worked out my dates and I thought, “Right, I need to tell everyone.” I hadn’t even told Chloe [Sims]. I thought, “The public watched us get together, it feels right to do it on the show first.” We met on the show and it’s the journey. I wouldn’t want to do it another way.

How’s the new house coming along?

It’s been a lot and I would never recommend doing a house up and moving while you’re pregnant, but we’re getting there. Tommy has been there all hours of the day, getting that house ready for me. I had a breakdown about a month ago, because I was like, “I need my house. I need to nest.” You get this urge to get everything sorted. People who are pregnant at the same time as me, I’ve had to mute them on Instagram. They’ve got their s**t together, they’ve got all their clothes washed and I’m living out of boxes and moving house.

How lovely you will have it ready for when he comes…

He’s got his wardrobe and all the nursery furniture is arriving beginning of April, so that’ll give us time to put it together.

Tell us about the new show you’re doing with Tommy…

It’s probably going to be out in the summer. It’s very fly-on-the-wall. It’s not like TOWIE at all, they’re just going to be following us around. The viewers are going to feel like they’re in it with us. It’ll be about the stress of moving, doing the nursery and when the baby’s born, it’ll be the first moments with the baby. It gives the viewer an opportunity to see it all.

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