‘Earn while you can’ The Chase star Mark Labbett on career fears amid big health warning

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Mark Labbett said he needs to “earn money while he can” as The Chase quizmaster opened up about his health concerns. The ITV favourite, who is otherwise known as The Beast, spoke candidly about his weight loss journey in recent years.

It comes after the quizzer was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017 and he has since taken steps to shed the pounds.

At his heaviest, Mark weighed 29 stone and revealed that “sugar is my vice”.

The small-screen star has since opened up about his father who suffered a mild stroke.

“I’m 55 and my father had a stroke at 55,” Mark explained.

“It was a mild one but if it happened to me now, the chances are that’s my career’s over.”

He added: “So it’s earn while you can.”

The dad-of-one went on to address his significant weight loss.

Mark commented: “Every kilo that I take off my bodyweight probably expands my lifespan by a certain number of weeks.


“So far I’ve lost 50 to 55 kilos.”

The ITV favourite has since spent the past few years getting into shape as he made a candid admission about his former lifestyle.

The quizzer admitted he was not surprised when he was diagnosed with diabetes, as he binged through 12 chocolate bars each day for years.

“I think me being diagnosed as a diabetic was like a three-bottle-a-day alcoholic being told that they have cirrhosis of the liver,” Mark commented.


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“I had done the crime so I’m doing the time.”

He continued: “I used to have 10 to 12 chocolate bars a day. Sugar was my vice.

“I didn’t smoke. I didn’t drink. No drugs, no gambling. God knows, no loose women. But that was my thing – sugar. So I could hardly complain.”

Meanwhile, Mark recently appeared in the US version of The Chase as the ultimate quizmaster.

When asked if he had plans to front his own programme, the Chaser admitted he would be up for it.

Mark said: “I would love for ITV to give me the opportunity to host my own show.

“Let’s just say my agent is aware I’d like to do one but unfortunately the right project hasn’t come up yet.

“Two of my colleagues have had their own show, I’m hoping that I’m going to get that lucky at some point.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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