DM: Prince William ‘flies off the handle’ whenever Kate is ‘being patronized’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted this photo on New Year’s Eve with the message “Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!” Yes, it is Photoshopped, especially everything having to do with William. It’s very funny to me that they posed for this in the limo, and then as soon as they got out of the car, William completely ignored Kate at the premiere for No Time To Die. Even this posed photo has such a weird energy. Speaking of, this is Part 2 of our coverage of Becky English’s latest Keen Extravaganza. Part 1 was all about Kate being lazy and hating Meghan. Part 2 is all about Kate throwing her husband and father-in-law under the button bus. This is far from the first time that “sources close to Kate” have made William sound like a wrathful, hysterical moron who punches walls and screams. But it’s still an interesting strategy to use when the story is supposed to be about how Kate is amazing ahead of her 40th birthday. Some highlights from this Daily Mail story:

William wanted Kate to be lazy from the start: For his part, William had impressed on his bride the need for them to take their time. Another of the couple’s collaborators told me: ‘And that’s exactly what she has done — with William as her guide. He’s encouraged her to do things gradually, saying: ‘This is for you to work out how you want to do it. He may not shout from the roof-tops about equality, but theirs is a true partnership.’

Charles didn’t like Kate: That’s not to say royal life has always been plain sailing for Kate. Initially, there was a definite sense of ‘defensiveness’ towards the newcomer from the other royal households — particularly Clarence House. It is no secret that William didn’t enjoy the best of relationships with his father at the time. Charles and Camilla were clearly fond of their new daughter-in-law…but there was an element of professional envy within their household at Kate’s burgeoning popularity.

LMAO: The fact is there was no precedent for such a delicate dynamic. Charles was 62, still years from becoming king, and there was a fear in some quarters that the Cambridges’ glamour was starting to make him look irrelevant. A courtier told me: ‘The co-ordination required with three generations working alongside each other has been tricky.’ The situation was frustrating for the duchess, whose priority as a new member of the family was to contribute as part of the team. But tensions persisted. ‘It took a while to get the balance right,’ the courtier said. The situation is much more relaxed now. ‘Family relations are markedly better and everyone is really pulling in the same direction,’ a source says.

Kate is basically calling William hysterical, emotional & incandescent: A well-placed source says of her approach with the Sussexes: ‘She treated the whole issue in terms of supporting her husband who, while angry at some of what was being said and done, was largely just consumed with sadness about what was happening with his brother. Deeply aware how very, very upset William was, Catherine’s focus was on supporting him and making sure that they, as a couple, never did anything that was contrary to their values.’

This is very curious: Sources close to Meghan, however, have continued to indicate that she found Kate cold and unsupportive. ‘All I can say is that no one who has worked for her [Kate] has ever seen any evidence of that,’ my source contests. ‘But is it really so surprising that in the middle of such terrible family difficulties, she made her own husband her number-one priority?’

William’s biggest trigger? A source says: ‘He flies off the handle at any sign of Kate being patronised and stamps that out very quickly. It’s one of his triggers. Over the years, many people have come up with great ideas for her, but if they are put across in a dismissive way, they’ve got pretty short shrift from him.’ In private, they couldn’t be tighter, and rarely spend time apart aside from when working.

[From The Daily Mail]

While sources close to Kate make William sound permanently engorged with rage and hyper-protective and controlling of Kate, I don’t even believe that’s their dynamic as a couple. I think William is an incredibly angry person, of course. But I just don’t buy that William feels protective of Kate or that he’s monitoring how people approach Kate or that people dismissing Kate is one of his triggers. I don’t think he gives a sh-t about any of that, especially Kate. Anyway, Kate’s big birthday PR is basically: William is hyper-controlling, he rages at everyone all the time, Charles is jealous of Kate and Kate is brilliant because she’s so lazy.

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