Dan Walker reacts to BBC Breakfast interview with Michael Gove ‘Trying to work out what ha

Michael Gove uses bizarre range of accents during interview

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A confused Dan Walker questioned Levelling Up and Housing Secretary Michael Gove’s behaviour during an interview, which some claimed was erratic. Gove broke into different accents on numerous occasions as he tried to reassure the public that the government was “constantly” looking at ways to relieve the financial crisis.

I hope Mr Gove is ok

Dan Walker

“We’re constantly looking at ideas in order to make sure that we relieve the pressure on people who are facing incredibly tough times,” he claimed to Dan on BBC Breakfast.

However, he insisted: “That doesn’t mount up to an emergency budget, which some people immediately thought that it did.”

Accusing the media of exaggerating, he added: “It is an example of some commentators chasing their own tails.

“[They are] trying to take a statement that is commonsensical, turning it into a major capital letters news story, and in fact when the Treasury quite rightly say ‘Calm down’, then people, instead of recognising that they’ve over-inflated the story in the first place, then say ‘Ooh, this is clearly a split’,” he added.

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During the interview, Gove appeared to speak at a faster than usual pace and broke into different accents repeatedly, from Northern English to American.

A puzzled Dan announced to over 756,000 followers: “I’ve watched our interview back a few times now.

“Still trying to work out what happened.”

He added on the app: “I hope Mr Gove is ok.”

His post prompted viewers to blast that the Housing Secretary was “out of his depth”.

“I see this as Mr Gove taking the mickey out of journalists and media celebrities, and quite naturally they don’t like it and are making a big thing of it,” @KevRic_EvaWre wrote.

“He’s horribly out of his depth and clearly being undone by the pressure. He should go, for his and all of our sakes,” urged @Bec2403.

Meanwhile @HMofBray quipped: “I’m not sure if he’s had too much medication or not enough!”

Some argued that he might not have been feeling well.

For example, @Stephen87386723 argued: “Though I despise his politics, he’s a fellow human being and that type of disoriented behaviour can signal something seriously wrong, let’s hope hes ok.”

Meanwhile @GoodCopBadCop suggested: “Can’t help but shake the suspicion he’s been advised to show a more “relatable personality” ahead of a leadership campaign but because, like Hancock, he’s incapable of doing so it just comes off as weird.”

Last year, the Tory MP made headlines for his “dad dancing” at the Aberdeen nightclub Bohemia, when his appearance at the techno-jungle music night raised a few eyebrows.

Meanwhile, he is at the centre of criticism after it was announced today that he is breaking a Tory manifesto promise to build 300,000 homes per year.

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