Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp slams tablets flogged by Instagram stars to make women ‘taste better’

Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp has joined a large number of other female celebrities who have blasted a strange new product.

The product in question claims to make women who take use it “taste better”.

My Sweet V tablets are currently being sold for £24 a tub online and they’re being endorsed by so called Instagram influencers.

The tablets claim to make women's private parts taste sweeter and are supposed to increase their sex drive.

An influencer called GirlsThinkI'mFunny shared a racy image of herself in her lingerie as she poses seductively while holding a jar of the tablets.

She captions the picture telling her followers: “always taste better than the next chick”.

Corrie actress Nicola posted: "Now they’re 'influencing' us to take pills to make us taste 'sweeter'.

"'You should always taste better than the next chick'?!?!?"

Jameela retweeted Nicola's original post, and slammed the beauty industry saying they must think women are "dumb”.

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She added: "This is how dumb corporations and companies think women are.

"Would they ever sell gummies to men to make their sperm sweeter? This is pretty offensive/Absurd/Unnecessary.

"Do you see the pattern of making us self conscious, then selling us a 'cure' for the problem they invented?"

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