Celebrities Are Naming Their Vaginas After TV Shows, and It's Kind of Hysterical

Well, here’s a fun read for ya: stars are literally naming their vaginas after the last TV show they watched. Yes, this has become an actual thing after comedian Whitney Cummings posted a photo on Instagram that read, “Your vagina is now named after the title of the last TV show you watched . . . What is it?” Whitney kicked off the game by revealing hers is The Good Place. Since she shared the post, quite a few celebrities have joined in on the fun, commenting their vagina’s new moniker (seriously, I can’t believe I just wrote that). Lucky for us, the account Comments By Celebs compiled some of the best answers.

Naturally, many of the responses are absolutely hilarious. Some are a bit sinister, including Gwyneth Paltrow — who had watched Forensic Files — and Courteney Cox — who watched Netflix’s Evil Genius. Others are purely comical, such as Kaley Cuoco naming her vagina The Big Bang Theory (pretty appropriate since she was on the show, right?) and Jessica Biel calling hers Fleabag.

A few of the more popular responses include Killing Eve and Dead to Me. My personal favorite so far has been Temptation Island, which actress Jillian Bell commented. Check out more of the replies above, and feel free to text your friends, “My vagina’s name is [insert TV show title].” And don’t provide any context — it’s funnier that way.

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