Cardi B Shares Steamy Details About What Happened While Recording ‘Um Yea’ With Offset

Cardi B isn’t holding back on all the steamy details surrounding one of her tracks with husband Offset.

In a voice note she shared on Twitter with fans this week, the 28-year-old opened up about what happened before, during and after recording “Um Yea” with him.

“I don’t want to give you this weird, fake a** romantic, awkward story, but I remember this one time when I was in the studio with Offset and he was doing ‘Um Yea,’ the song that me and him have together,” she started.

Cardi continued, “While he was doing the song and everything, he kept looking at me and smiling and s*** while he was making the song and then I told him, ‘I want to get on the song.’”

“So I just started writing my verse and everything and he was looking at me like, ‘Oh s*** girl!’”

Cardi added that right after recording the track, she and Offset had sex.

“Um Yea” is just one of the songs that Cardi and Offset have together, which was released in 2017. They’ve also teamed up on “Lick”, “Motorsport”, and “Drip”.

Cardi and Offset were recently seen arriving back in Los Angeles together following a Valentine’s Day getaway.

If you missed it, Cardi just made chart history!

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