Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan opens up on his financial woes, says, ‘I had Rs 4,000 in my account. I had borrowed Rs. 1.5 lakh to pay an advance’

Bigg Boss 14 is turning out to be a slow season. One of the contestants who comes across as real is Shardul Pandit. The Kuldeepak actor spoke about his financial issues on Bigg Boss 14 last night. He told Eijaz Khan that only respect would not fill his stomach. Shardul Pandit said he does not have a home to live in after he leaves the house. It seems his mom is unwell and he needs to arrange funds for her treatment. As we know, he was suffering from depression for a couple of years. The phase was a bad one, and he lost out on job opportunities.

Eijaz Khan is heard discussing his financial woes with Shardul Pandit. He is seen telling him that once he was left with only Rs 4,000 in his account. he tells Shardul Pandit, “I had Rs 4,000 in my account. I had borrowed Rs. 1.5 lakh to pay an advance. Shardul, you have to speak up. Don’t lose hope Shardul. Cry, vent out your anger, show your anger and your desperation. Think about your nephew’s face, your mother’s face… let the anger boil inside you and bring it out.”

In the nomination task, Shardul Pandit and Naina Singh were pitted against one another. Eijaz Khan had advised him to cry and beg in front of the Splitsvilla winner. He says, “She (Naina Singh) just won a show. For her, dresses and make-up are more important but you will count the pair of socks and underwear you have. If she goes out right now, she will have jobs to do but you do not have anything. Why didn’t you cry in front of her, why didn’t you beg in front of her? You should have spoken about your living conditions. Why did you not talk say you have an ailing mom to take care of? I asked you do that, I know you cried afterwards but why not on the stage during the task?.”

Well, fans have taken note of the situation and are urging people to save Shardul so that he goes home with a substantial amount of money.

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