Bellator's Scott Coker Says Jake & Logan Paul Could Fight Org.'s Top Talent

If Jake and Logan Paul make the switch from boxing to MMA, they could go up against some of the biggest talent in the game — so says Bellator CEO Scott Coker, who tells us they could fight some Top 10 guys in his promotion!!

Of course, Coker has previously said he’s had ongoing dialogue with the internet superstars … and when we spoke with him at a Bellator event at the Grammy Museum last week, he gave us an update on their status.

“We’ve had convos with [Logan] and Jake about, ‘What does MMA mean to you guys,’ and ‘What do you guys wanna do?'” Coker told us. “There’s ongoing dialogue, but if they wanna really get down and get serious, we’ll bring them in. Sure, why not.”

Coker says Jake and Logan are great athletes who are still learning and getting better … adding he warned people of their potential.

“When they started boxing two years ago,” Coker said, “I told people don’t underestimate these guys, because they’re gonna get better and better and better.”

He continued … “It’s just a matter of them training and practicing. If they get into a gym like [American Kickboxing Academy] with Javier Mendez … talk to me in a year, man.”

Jake and Logan still have their fair share of haters as they continue to transition from social media stars to real fighters … but Coker applauds the brothers’ work ethic.

“I’m impressed with how much they’ve grown over the last two years, and if they have their mind made up, I think they can come get into it.”

The Bellator boss says he wouldn’t put the Paul bros. against a current champion or an experienced MMA fighter just yet … but with enough training and hard work, he believes they could fight someone ranked in the top 10.

As for his message to the Paul Bros??

“Hey guys, if you really wanna do mixed martial arts, you wanna fight some of our top guys, please give me a call, have your managers call us, and let’s get it on.”

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