August Alsina on Moving Past Jada Pinkett Smith Entanglement Scandal

The ‘I Luv This S**t’ crooner discusses moving past the scandal in a new interview two years after he confirmed his non-affair relationship with Will Smith’s wife.

AceShowbizAugust Alsina has declared that he’s ready to move on from the “entanglement” scandal involving Jada Pinkett Smith. In a new interview, the “I Luv This S**t” singer explained the real reasons why.

The 30-year-old singer spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, October 18 that the drama influenced his decision to join VH1’s “The Surreal Life“, the infamous “Real World“-inspired unscripted venture that houses a group of celebrities under one roof for two weeks to chronicle the drama that unfolds.

Ahead of the show’s October 24 premiere, August opened up about his journey to becoming a housemate. “I honestly said no about 10 times,” he started before later discussing how the “entanglement” drama made him apprehensive to join the cast. He elaborated, “I would say going into it, [the entanglement] probably was one of the factors for me that I felt like, ‘Hmm, do I really want to do this?’ because I didn’t want to go into a situation where people would grab for low-hanging fruit.”

Ultimately concluding the experience would “allow people to see and experience” his “authentic energy as opposed to the narrative that had been clouding” his image, August told the site he was poised and ready to move on from the scandal since he has “absolutely zero” contact with the Smiths. “I can only be responsible for my own actions and hold myself accountable for what I do, what I say and what I know to be true for myself,” so he said,

Elsewhere during the interview, August said that he is excited about his future. “I’m in the space in life where the possibilities are endless because it’s like when you move beyond fear and you see what’s on the other side of it after you’re scared s**ttless, there’s so many gifts on the other side of it,” he relayed. “People kick you out, like, it’s so many gifts on the other side of that and once you go through it and you realize, ‘Oh, Okay, I’m still alive. I survived it. Now what?’ “

The infamous “entanglement” happened when Jada was secretly separated from Will Smith. August first revealed the relationship to the public in June 2020 and claimed that Will approved of the affair.

Jada and Will then addressed the matter on “Red Table Talk”. At the time, the “Girls Trip” actress explained that she “just wanted to feel good.” As for August, he later admitted that he still has “deep respect” for the couple and that his relationship with the pair is not “broken.”

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