Aashram 2: Prakash Jha opens up on the Karni Sena taking offence to his web series; says, ‘I’ve said nothing against Hinduism’ [Exclusive]

The Karni Sena had an issue both with the title and certain scenes of Aashram Chapter 2 — the Dark Side, claiming that the web series hurts Hindu sentiments and paints the religion in a negative light. This, despite season one passing off without any controversy, not even from said political outfit, and them raising such objections before having watched a minute of season 2. To get a better perspective on the objections raised by the Karni Sena, BollywoodLife decided to put the Bobby Deol starrer’s Director and producer, Prakash Jha, on the hot seat in a recent exclusive interview.

Initially denying that the Karni Sena had any issue with Aashram 2, Prakash Jha said, “Did you get a notice from Karni Sena (about this)?” We inform him that a video was circulated, in which a person threated his show and the makers, to which he responded, “When did the video came, where is it?” Reminding him that a person from their youth wing no less posted the video on YouTube, Prakashji continued, “They had also posted a video stating that we had not sent any notice or raised any objections. You must’ve seen that, too.”

Upon prodding him further for clarity on the issue, the multiple-award-winning Director added, “I am also not sure who had sent that notice. First we came to know that someone sent it, then later the same people said, ‘No sir, we did not send it, someone else sent it as fake news.’ Prior to the release, everyone likes to say their own things, but after the release, they all get to know that I’ve said nothing against Hinduism. So, please don’t thrust me into any controversy as four and a half million people have seen this. So, I don’t know what else to say. The public can clearly see and tell that there’s nothing of the sort in the show. Yes, everybody has a right to put their point of point of view in the public domain, and everyone is welcome, there’s no harm.”

Well, it certainly seems that the issues has died a natural death.

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